7th October 2016 - by Natalie Middleton

Testimonial from Jack Helan (Trainee 2013 -2014)

Training at George Spencer Academy was fantastic. The challenges, the hard work and the satisfaction is something I will never forget. All the staff involved in the training, the course leaders, outreach tutors, my personal mentor and subject knowledge tutor, were outstanding and extremely supportive. I couldn’t have done it without them.

The training programme was diverse and interesting and covered all aspects of teaching pedagogy including SEN, differentiation, MAT students, independent learning and technology in the classroom as well as subject knowledge sessions, all pushing me to become an ‘outstanding’ classroom practitioner by the end of my training. Due to the rigorous nature of the course and the confidence I have gained from this, since gaining QTS, and within two years from qualifying, I have become a “Lead Teacher” at my school with a responsibility for “Teaching and Learning” across all teaching staff. I have been able to achieve more in two years than I ever thought was possible. This is down to, not only my personal drive and commitment, but also by using the tools that the training at George Spencer has equipped me with.

I am currently entering my third year of qualified teaching and last year was given the opportunity to mentor a trainee undergoing the GSA training programme. This again is something that George Spencer Academy were very supportive with. I was given mentor training, subject knowledge enhancement courses and also provided with opportunities to see other mentors in practice. Having undertaken the training, I was in no doubt about the support network that was in place and how this support worked across the organisation.

I would highly recommend the George Spencer SCITT course to anyone that is interested in classroom teaching. My training was, by far, the most challenging but most rewarding year. The commitment, individualism and, most importantly, support that was in place for me as a training teacher was excellent and couldn’t be faulted.

We are proud to be recognised for our achievements.