Early Career Framework

It is critical that a teacher’s induction period supports and challenges them to reach their full potential.

From September 2021, the new  Early Career Framework will be launched – The professional development available to early career teachers at the start of their careers, underpinned by the early career framework, is essential in supporting an effective transition from the training year. The early career framework sets out what early career teachers are entitled to learn about and learn how to do when they start their careers. It underpins a new entitlement for 2 years of professional development designed to help early career teachers develop their practice, knowledge and working habits.

George Spencer Academy will become a delivery partner for these new suite of induction programmes for both Secondary and Primary Early Career Teachers (ECTs), their mentors and their Induction Tutors.

Join them and you will realise how they deliver on their promise that you will acquire the knowledge, understanding and competence to succeed as an Early Career Teachers (ECTs). Their programme aims to prepare you to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving field of educational provision and leading edge pedagogy. We are also excited to be part of the National rollout for the Early Career Framework from September 2021.