Training & Support

Guiding you through your initial year and beyond

Throughout your training you will feel well supported by the SCITT family – a close-knit group of fellow trainees and dedicated trainers with whom you are likely to form very strong links and friendships that often extend far beyond your training year.


Before you start

When you come for interview, we’ll talk to you about your possible placement schools which will be from our partnership network.

You’ll be given some personalised, pre-course tasks which we’ll set based around your interview and application. This could be in the form of improving your subject knowledge or gaining some additional school experience, we’ll support you with completing these tasks. You’ll also be able to access our virtual learning environment, and we’ll issue some set texts so you can do some preparatory reading.

Before your training year begins, we’ll arrange a meet and greet at your placement school so you can get to know your mentors. Our partnership schools encourage you to spend as much time with them as you can before your training officially starts.

Course Structure

Although you’re in school right from the start, you’ll be gradually introduced to classroom teaching by initially observing the classes you’ll go on to teach. As you start to take over classes, you’ll be set clear goals and milestones, so by the end of the year you’re well set up for success as a newly qualified teacher.

You’ll be in school from the first day of the new school year, and as such you’ll be very much part of the team, treated as a member of staff and joining in with staff meetings and development days. You’ll also be given a comprehensive induction programme, so you can familiarise yourself with all that’s expected of you.

You’ll be supported by two mentors – one from your subject area and one from the school’s senior leadership team. This is your opportunity to create a personalised training programme which will meet your own specific learning goals and ultimate ambitions.

Our weekly professional studies and subject knowledge programmes give you the perfect opportunity to meet and network with your fellow trainees, and are an essential part of your training. We also offer some whole training days for areas such as learning technologies, special educational needs and accelerated learning. Plus, we have a comprehensive library to support your learning.

Our vision for training teachers of children with special educational needs and disabilities is the same as for all children and young people – that they achieve well in their early years, at school and in college, and lead happy and fulfilled lives.

To gain QTS*

You need to show that you are consistently meeting the Teachers’ Standards by the end of the course. Practical teaching is assessed by school-based staff and external moderators and tutors from across the SCITT Partnership.

We’ll take into account all elements of your course and regularly review your portfolio of evidence.

To gain QTS* with a PGCE

You must meet the requirements for QTS*
Plus you’ll need to complete three assignments written at Masters level. If successful you’ll be awarded 60 Masters credits (The University of Hull offers routes to continue your study post-QTS* to a MI Masters in Pedagogy and Practice).

Tutors from the University visit George Spencer Academy to provide tutorials on academic writing at this level and support for each of the three specific assignments. Once registered with the University, you receive a SCONUL card meaning you can access the libraries of local universities -The University of Nottingham, University of Derby and Nottingham Trent University libraries accept this.

You can also access an educational journal database to support your background reading and assignments.

(QTS* (*The title of this award is subject to change due to an ongoing government consultation. For the latest information, please visit ))


We are proud to be recognised for our achievements.