Aspire, Grow and Learn with Spencer Apprenticeships

The SCITT Team are excited to share the launch of the Spencer Apprenticeships and a new exciting opportunity for SCITT Partner Schools. Our collaboration with this new arms of work within the Spencer Academies Trust allows us to offer the Teacher Apprenticeship, a salaried route into teaching.


Caroline Arnold, Director for ITT and the George Spencer SCITT shared, ‘We are delighted to be a part of the new Teacher Apprentice programme with Spencer Apprenticeships as I believe that this will offer a much needed funded opportunity for school staff to train and develop as well as enabling schools to create a workforce suited to their needs.’


Exclusive to SCITT Partner Schools, the programme sees schools employ Teaching Apprentices and utilise apprenticeship funding for initial teacher training (ITT). Employers with staff interested in this pathway, such as unqualified teachers and teaching assistants, can use this route to support staff in training to become a teacher.

As an employer-provider, we bring our passion and expertise to this new field and look forward to future developments.

Please visit our new SCITT website for more information and get in touch with the SCITT Team if you have any questions.