Hannah Harris – SCITT Journey

See what one of our previous Secondary trainees had to say about their SCITT journey

Hannah Harris

Sutherland House School (Autism East Midlands)
Class Teacher

Please explain a little about your background:

I graduated from Loughborough University in 2013 following the completion of my degree in Sport and Exercise Science. I initially intended to complete my teacher training at Loughborough too however, I had struggled with the large classes and the volume of people at the university due to having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD and dyslexia. It was important that where I went could support my needs but also see that I was passionate and excellent in my teaching. I needed them to see me for who I was. I was also incredibly keen to be in the school environment as much as possible because going to university had been a means to an end – I just wanted to be in schools and teaching.

Why did you choose George Spencer Academy SCITT?

It was welcoming, well-organised and honest. I enjoyed the mix of different subjects and people. It felt like a proper secondary staff team. The building where learning took place was professional and the leaders in learning were inspiring and still teaching themselves. It felt and indeed was a supportive and genuine place to train.

Please give brief details of the programme you attended:

I competed the SCITT programme where I was based at Ashfield School and The George Spencer Academy. My subject was Physical Education. I also competed the SEND enhanced route as my dream career was in Special Education.

What impact did the programme have?

I am a teacher! I first gained a position of teacher of PE at Babington Academy in Leicester, which came recommended from the programme. Many teachers struggle to get jobs in PE but I had secured my job by the January before the course was complete. It was perfect and the outstanding standards I had been coached to work at put me in an excellent position to work at another outstanding school. In my NQT year I had shown my value and in the May of that year I was successful in becoming a middle leader. I was responsible for the progress of year 10 students and I saw them into Year 11. In summer 2020 I made the difficult but exciting decision to pursue my career dream of working in special education. As of January 2021 I am now a class teacher, with the subject responsibility of PE, in Sutherland House Autism Specialist School in Nottingham.

Would you recommend the programme to others?

Absolutely 100%. I feel that I coped much better than other NQTs because the approach was scaffolded and realistic. If you were doing well you were able to teacher more, if you needed support you got that support and were encouraged to be independent in seeking it out – which is how the real teaching world is! I was definitely more confident from this course. I was seen as an individual and encouraged to explore and to find out what kind of teacher I wanted to become and that is invaluable.