Joe Martin – SCITT Journey

See what one of our previous Primary trainees had to say about their SCITT journey

Joe Martin

Wyndham Primary Academy
Primary Class Teacher

Please explain a little about your background:

I am an outgoing people person and had always been involved working with children, initially in a number of sports coaching roles and a summer working abroad at a summer camp in America. I knew I wanted to be a teacher but wasn’t sure about which subject or age range.

Why did you choose George Spencer Academy SCITT?

I knew that I would be best suited to a programme where I would be able to spend more time in a school and learning in the classroom. I had heard about Spencer Academies Trust and their routes into teaching from a former colleague who spoke highly of the route and of the course. When I visited George Spencer Academy, the staff were very friendly and outlined the different aspects of the programme.

Please give brief details of the programme you attended:

I attended the George Spencer Academy SCITT programme to complete my teacher training and was based at a great school in Nottingham. I stayed within the trust and started my NQT year at Wyndham Primary Academy in Derby where I attended a number of NQT professional development sessions

What impact did the programme have?

I think you get to see the real side of teaching straight away rather than learning about it in lectures. The programme definitely increased my confidence and knowledge around the role of teacher, especially the wider aspects of teaching. The SCITT prepared me with key skills which were then built upon and further developed during my NQT and RQT year.

Would you recommend the programme to others?

If you are looking to get into teaching and want to spend as much time in the classroom before you qualify then I would recommend the programme. Support was always available from the SCITT staff to help guide you.