Lewis Horsley – SCITT Journey

See what one of our previous Primary trainees had to say about their SCITT journey

Lewis Horsley

Chetwynd Primary Academy
Primary Class Teacher

Please explain a little about your background:

I started my teaching career by applying for the Spencer Academies SCITT programme where I was placed at Chetwynd Primary Academy as a student teacher. After completing my course, I was offered a job there and there I have remained ever since. Since then I have gone onto complete various qualifications through the teaching school, which have enabled me to network with others, learn and progress in my own career.

Why did you choose George Spencer Academy SCITT?

At face value, it seemed like a well run teacher training course and in comparison to other courses, it had a lot of support for subject knowledge, something which other training courses lacked.

Please give brief details of the programme you attended:

As mentioned above, I have gone on to attend many different programmes put on by the Trust. The main take away for me is how they build on previous programmes so well. They are small steps and provide the appropriate time for training, research and reflection, whilst at the same time challenging you.

What impact did the programme have?

For me, the main impact has been the improvement of my own practice as a result of the research that has been shared and the opportunities to collaborate and network with like minded professionals.

Would you recommend the programme to others?

Yes – most definitely and I already have.