Stewart Laing – SCITT Journey

See what one of our previous Secondary trainees had to say about their SCITT journey

Stewart Laing

George Spencer Academy
Teacher of Biology

Please explain a little about your background:

Before training as a teacher, I worked for 17 years in the High-Performance Sports Industry with Olympic and Paralympic athletes. This job allowed me to put science into action around the World with amazing people. I often found myself using science principals I had learned in school. I have always been passionate about developing people and enjoyed seeing people learn new skills and knowledge, or try something new as a means of experimenting or natural curiosity. When looking for a career change for a job with allowed me more consistency to me weekly schedule and less World-wide travel for extended periods – teaching felt like a natural fit. Not only to support my own love of learning and teaching people something new, but also to bring science to life in the classroom. I have been able to bring various elements of my old job into the classroom to enthuse and motivate students to engage in science from a practical level.

Why did you choose George Spencer Academy SCITT?
I felt that the history behind George Spencer Academy, the high-quality standards it had achieved and the people I met during the interview process all led me to feel that this was the best fit for my training.

Please give brief details of the programme you attended:
I attended the GSA SCITT programme and PGCE supported by Derby University. The SCITT programme offered a variety of experiences to be exposed too alongside the training sessions. For example, the opportunity to visit a SEND school, school for diversity, a contrast placement all expanded the experience I was gaining in my placement school.

What impact did the programme have?
The SCITT programme had a profound impact on me as a trainee teacher. Not only giving me the skills to teach in the classroom, but also building a network of peers who could support each other throughout the process and when moving on to NQT years. In addition, the programme enabled me to have the confidence as a trainee to teach to a high standard and feel supported by the SCITT mentors, subject knowledge teachers and all people involved in our training year.

Would you recommend the programme to others?
Yes, definitely. I have already suggested it to friends and others who have asked me about my training.